"Self," 2023
"Self," 2023. Muji pen and India Ink on fine tooth paper

Emily V. Keefe is an illustrator based in Manchester, NH who creates detailed pen and ink art that embraces the darkness of our world.

Using a strickly limited color palette of black, white, and red, Emily explores her fascination with the dark and obscure through intricate linework. Being inspired by etchings of the mid to late 1600's, she layers repetetive lines to build up contrast that evokes an engaging insight into themes of duality (as above, so below), death, and self analysis.

Emily has been a professional illustrator for eight years and has worked with clientele such as Tara Saavedra (Morgue VVitch), SaraRose Orlandini of SugarMynt Gallery, Nick Rovo of Prey For Us Clothing, and various independent musicians and musical groups.

The goal of any artist is to make engaging work that connects with the people. Emily hopes that with each piece, there is something that someone will resonate with, despite the bleak appearance. In every dark corner there is a hidden beauty, and her art gives people the chance to embrace both. She hopes that if someone will only have one weird piece of art in their home, it would be one of her's.

You can find more of Emily's work on Instagram and Facebook. To contact Emily regarding commission availability, please use the "Contact" page or email [email protected].